University of Amsterdam CREATE
Online Datasystem of Theatre in Amsterdam from the Golden Age to the present


Abeille, Gaspard16481718Full record
Abrahamsz, Claes16431644Full record
Ackersloot, Hendrick16541679Full record
Addison, Joseph16721719Full record
Adriaansz, A.Full record
Aeschylus525 BC456 BCFull record
Aguilar, Gaspar de15611623Full record
Aides, M. des17731773Full record
Aken, Frans van17511827Full record
Akersloot van, Johanna16701730Full record
Albert (ps. Thiry, Auguste-François)18111864Full record
Alewyn, Abraham16641721Full record
Alexandre, Charles Guillaume17651777Full record
Aleximomus, GelasiusFull record
Allainval, Léonor Jean Christine Soulas d'16951753Full record
Ampzing, Samuel15901632Full record
Anders, Hendrik16751714Full record
AndréFull record
André, Johann17411799Full record
Andrieux, ...17591833Full record
Angelkot jr., Hermannus16881727Full record
Angelkot, Hermannus16481717Full record
Anicet-Bourgeois, Auguste18061871Full record
Anseaume, Louis17211784Full record
Ansloo, Reyer16261669Full record
Ardène de Rome, Esprit-Jean d'16841748Full record
Arends, Roelof17321787Full record
Arents, Thomas16521701Full record
Arentsz, Ysaak16401641Full record
Arien, Bernard Christoph d'17541793Full record
Ariosto, Ludovico14741533Full record
Aristophanes488 BC380 BCFull record
Armand, François Huguet16991765Full record
Arnould, Auguste18031854Full record
Arp, Jan van16051641Full record
Arronge, Adolf l'18381908Full record
Artois, Armand d'17881867Full record
Asschenberg, Harmanus17261792Full record
Asschenbergh, Gysbert1764Full record
Asselijn, Thomas16201701Full record
Auber, Daniel-François-Esprit17821871Full record
Aude, Joseph17551841Full record
Audiguier, Vital d'15691624Full record
Audinot, Nicolas Médard17321801Full record
Audriette17821782Full record
Auletta, Pietro16981771Full record
Aumer, Jean-Louis17741833Full record
Aureli, Aurelio165211708Full record
Autreau, Jacques16561745Full record
Avellaneda, Francisco deFull record
Baat, Jeuriaen16491680Full record
Babo, Joseph Marius17561822Full record
Backer, Jan Aukes1747Full record
Baculard d'Arnaud, François Thomas Marie de17181805Full record
Baerle, Anthony van16261666Full record
Bake, Laurens16501714Full record
Bandello, Matteo14851561Full record
Banks, John16501706Full record
Banzy, ... deFull record
Bara, JanFull record
Barbaz, Abraham Louis17701833Full record
Barbier, Marie-Anne16701742Full record
Barbier, Nicholas17071710Full record
Bardinet de Bintar, Michel17761776Full record
Barentsz, JanFull record
Baret, Paul17281795Full record
Baroces, Jacob16171671Full record
Baron, Jan ZachariaszFull record
Baron, Michel16531729Full record
Barré, ...17491832Full record
Barrios, Miguel de16351701Full record
Bartelink, Anthony1786Full record
Barthe, Nicolas Thomas17341785Full record
Barthélemy, Nicolas15371541Full record
Bastide, Jean François de17241798Full record
Batavus, JustusFull record
Baudous, Willem de1628Full record
BaunyFull record
Baurans, Pierre17101764Full record
Beauharnais, Fanny comtesse de17371813Full record
Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de17321799Full record
Beaumont, E.G. van17851785Full record
Beaumont, Francis15841616Full record
Beaune, Abraham1683Full record
Beek, G. van1860Full record
Beil, Johann David17541794Full record
Bellini, Vincenzo18011835Full record
Belloy, Pierre Laurent Buirette de17271775Full record
Benda, Georg Anton17221795Full record
Benjamin, Hermanus16541703Full record
Bensérade, Isaac deFull record
Bentley, Richard16621742Full record
Berger, Traugott BenjaminFull record
Bergh, Adriaen van den1652Full record
Bergh, Bartel vanFull record
Bergler, Stephan16801746Full record
Bernagie, Pieter16561699Full record
Bernard-Derosne, Charles18251904Full record
Bertuch, Friedrich Johann Justin17471822Full record
Besems, Maria16631708Full record
Besteben, Marten FrankFull record
Bethesdani17371737Full record
Bevervoorde, Baron vanFull record
Beys, Charles de16101659Full record
Beza, Theodorus15191605Full record
Bidloo, Govert16491713Full record
Bie, Cornelis de16271711Full record
Bielfeld, Jacob Friedrich von17171770Full record
Biens, Cornelis PieterszFull record
Biestkens, Nicolaes15771624Full record
Bilderdijk, Izaak17201798Full record
Bilderdijk, Willem17561831Full record
Billardon de Sauvigny, Edmé Louis17361812Full record
Bingley, Ward17571818Full record
Birch-Pfeiffer, Charlotte18001868Full record
Blache (fils), François-Alexis18181818Full record
Blache, Jean-Baptiste17651834Full record
Blaise, Adolphe Benoît1772Full record
Blank, Abraham Hendricksz16451680Full record
Blasius, Joan16391672Full record
Bleeck van, Anna Maria1719Full record
Bleecker, Danie͏̈l1803Full record
Bleyswijck, D.E. van16391681Full record
Bloem, Johan Pietersz16391643Full record
Bloemaert, Hendrik16011672Full record
Bock, Johann Christian17241785Full record
Bodard de Tézay, Nicolas Marie Félix17571823Full record
Boddaert jr., Pieter17661805Full record
Boddaert, Pieter16941760Full record
Bode, Matthias1675Full record
Bodecher Benningh, Johan16061642Full record
Boekholt, Baltes16561689Full record
Boelens, AdriaanFull record
Boer de, Here Pietersz16491669Full record
Bogaert, Abraham16631727Full record
Bogaert, Anthonie vanFull record
Bohaire-Dutheil, N. De1825Full record
Boileau, Marie Louis Joseph de17411817Full record
Boindin, Nicolas16761751Full record
Boissy, Louis de16941758Full record
Bonarelli della Rovere, Guidubaldo15631608Full record
Bondt, Reinier de1625Full record
Boogert, Johan17481749Full record
Boom, N.Full record
Boomhuijs, Jan1797Full record
Boon, Cornelis16801746Full record
Boonen, Ik.Full record
Boonen, Ik.Full record
Bor, Cornelis17021705Full record
Bor, Pieter15591635Full record
Borcht, Willem van der16221651Full record
Bordelon, Laurent16531730Full record
Bormeester, Abraham1618Full record
Borremans, Nicolaas16141679Full record
Bos, SalomonFull record
Bosch, Lambert van denFull record
Bosman, Jasper16411644Full record
Both, Jan Jacobszn.18191875Full record
Both, Joh. Nicolaasz. deFull record
Bouchardy, Joseph18101870Full record
Bouckart, Jurriaen16001664Full record
Bouckart, Jurriaen17021704Full record
Boufflers, Stanislas Jean de17381815Full record
Bougeant, Guillaume Hyacinthe16901749Full record
Bouhon, Jan17641772Full record
Bouilly, J.N.17631842Full record
Boulenger de Rivery, C.F.F.Full record
Bourget, Ernest18141864Full record
Bourlin Dumaniant, Antoine Jean17521828Full record
Boursault, Edme16381701Full record
Boutet de Monvel, Jacques Marie17451812Full record
Bouvard, François16831760Full record
Boxhorn, Marcus Zuerius van16121653Full record
Boyer, Abel16671729Full record
Boyer, Claude16181698Full record
Braam, Pieter van17401817Full record
Bracht, Hendrik van16851750Full record
Brandes, Johann Christian17351799Full record
Brandt, Christoffel17481757Full record
Brandt, Geerard16261685Full record
Bray de, Pieter16381639Full record
Brécourt, Guillaume Marcoureau deFull record
Breda van, Symon Willemsz16381642Full record
Breda, Michiel vanFull record
Bredero, Gerbrand Adriaensz15851618Full record
Bree, Herman van (H. J. J.)18341885Full record
Breen, Joost vanFull record
Breicha, Anton DanielFull record
Bremer, Fredrika18011865Full record
Brender à Brandis, G.17511802Full record
Bret, Antoine17171792Full record
Bretzner, Christian Friedrich17481807Full record
Breughel, Gerrit Hendricxsz van15731635Full record
Bricaire de La Dixmerie, Nicolas17311791Full record
Brink, Jan ten18341901Full record
Brinkhuyzen-Petit, Maria16611720Full record
Brinkhuyzen, Harmen Pieters1695Full record
Brinkhuyzen, Johanna16821717Full record
Brinkman, Anna Catharina17601828Full record
Broek, Lambertus van den16821743Full record
Broekhuyzen Jr., George Hendricus18181849Full record
Brouwer, Hendrick16241683Full record
Brueys, David Augustin de16401723Full record
Bruggemans, Adrianus17631841Full record
Brühl, Aloys Friedrich von17391793Full record
Bruin, Claas16711732Full record
Brumoy, Pierre16581742Full record
Brunius, Bernardus17471785Full record
Bruno, Henrick16171664Full record
Bruté de Loirelle1783Full record
Bruyn de, Joost Cornelis16801699Full record
Bruyn, Frederik de17501783Full record
Bruyn, Jan17601774Full record
Bruyn, Philip Dirxsz16521655Full record
Bruynbeek, Hendrick deFull record
Bruynestein, Jan1684Full record
Bruyningen, Willem vanFull record
Bruzen de La Martinière, Antoine Augustin16621746Full record
Buchanan, George15061582Full record
Bulderen, A. vanFull record
Bulderen, Hendrick vanFull record
Buma, Johannes16941756Full record
Bunsen, Philipp Ludwig1809Full record
Burg, Hermanus van den16821752Full record
Burghoorn, IsaacFull record
Burman, Petrus16681741Full record
Burmannus de jongere, Petrus17131778Full record
Buysero, Dirk16441708Full record
Cadoret17431776Full record
Cahusac, Louis de17061759Full record
Cailleau, André-Charles17311798Full record
Calderón de la Barca, Pedro16001681Full record
Cambert, Robert16281677Full record
Cambon-van der Werken, Margareta Geertruid de17341796Full record
Cammaert, Joannes Franciscus16991780Full record
Campistron, Jean Galbert de16561713Full record
Campra, André16601744Full record
Canjoncle, Johannes de16931693Full record
Canoning (Capucien)Full record
Canterus, Gulielmus15421575Full record
Capell, Edward17131781Full record
Carbon de Flins des Oliviers, Claude Marie Louis Emmanuel17571806Full record
Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, Pierre16881763Full record
Carolet, DenisFull record
Caron de Chanset, J.B.P.1818Full record
Caron, Pieter deFull record
Carrière-Doisin, A.17671785Full record
Carrogis dit Carmontelle, Louis17171806Full record
Casaubon, Isaac15591614Full record
Castillo Solórzano, Alonso de15841647Full record
Castro y Bellvís, Guillén de15591631Full record
Cats, Jacob15771660Full record
Caux, Gilles de16821733Full record
Cazotte, Jacques17191792Full record
Cérou, Pierre17091798Full record
Cervantes y Saavedra, Miguel de15471616Full record
Chamfort, M. de17411794Full record
Chamfort, Sébastien-Roch-Nicolas de17411794Full record
Champein, Stanislas17531830Full record
Chapman, George15591634Full record
Chappuzeau de Beaugé, Daniel PaulFull record
Chappuzeau, Samuel16251701Full record
Chateaubrun, Jean Baptiste Vivien de16861775Full record
Chénier, Marie-Joseph de17641811Full record
Chevalier, ...Full record
Chevalier, Jean1673Full record
Chevillet de Champmeslé, Charles16421701Full record
Chevreau, Urbain16131701Full record
Chevrier, François-Antoine de17211762Full record
Chilliat, Michel1698Full record
Ciangulo, Niccolo16801762Full record
Cibber, Colley16711757Full record
Claerbout, Joos1618Full record
ClaudetFull record
Clément, Charles-François17201790Full record
Clément, Pierre17071767Full record
Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas16761749Full record
Clerck de, Albert16801684Full record
Clercq van Jever, Ezra de17671772Full record
Clerq, Izaak de17381794Full record
Clodius, Christian August17381784Full record
Cloots, Jean Baptiste (Anacharsis Cloots)17551794Full record
Clyburg, Jacob1700Full record
Codde, Pieter AdriaanszFull record
Coenen, Johannes Meinardus18241899Full record
Cogniard, Hippolyte18071882Full record
Cogniard, Théodore18061872Full record
Coleveldt, Jacob JanszFull record
Colevelt (Koolvelt), Dirk16381644Full record
Colizzi, Johann Andrea Kauchlitz17411808Full record
Collasse, Pascal16491709Full record
Collé, Charles17091783Full record
Colletet, Guillaume15981659Full record
Collin d'Harleville, Jean François17551806Full record
Collot d'Herbois, Jean-Marie17491796Full record
Colman the Younger, George17621836Full record
Comenius, Jan Amos15921670Full record
Comman, Barend17531830Full record
Commelin, Johannes16621715Full record
Compan, Charles1740Full record
Congreve, William16701729Full record
Coning de, Salomon16991708Full record
Coningh, T. de17651765Full record
Contarini, Francesco15981618Full record
Contra, Janus17871787Full record
Contraduc, A.17811782Full record
Coornhert, D.V.15221590Full record
Cordier de Saint-Firmin, Edmond17301816Full record
Corneille, Pierre16061684Full record
Corneille, Thomas16251709Full record
Corsembleu sieur de Desmahis, Jean-François-Édouard de17221761Full record
Cortenberghe, J.W.18011801Full record
Corver-van Hattum, Anna1759Full record
Corver, Maarten17271794Full record
Cos, JanFull record
Costard, J.-P.17431814Full record
Coste, Pierre16681747Full record
Coster, Samuel15791665Full record
Crabbe, Jacob Jansz1670Full record
Crébillon, Claude Prosper Jolyot de17071777Full record
Crébillon, Prosper Jolyot de16741762Full record
Cronegk, Johann Friedrich von17311757Full record
Crosnier, EdmondFull record
Crosnier, Jean1709Full record
Crous, A.E.17191723Full record
Crown, John16401712Full record
Cruyssen, Cornelis van der1620Full record
Cruyssen, Simon van der1658Full record
Cuilla, Gerrit Severins van16321641Full record
Culp, E.S.18791879Full record
Cumberland, Richard17321811Full record
Cuno, Johann Christian17081783Full record
d'Aure, FrancoisFull record
D'Ennery, Adolphe18111899Full record
D'Hèle, Thomas17411780Full record
Dacier, André16511722Full record
Dacier, Anne Lefèvre16541720Full record
Dalayrac, Nicolas17531809Full record
Dalen, Jan van16481680Full record
Damen, Henrik16491655Full record
Damme, Isaacus vanFull record
Danchet, Antoine16711748Full record
Dancourt, Florent Carton16611725Full record
Dancourt, L.H.17251801Full record
Dantu, A.M.17401798Full record
Darcis, Franc̜ois Joseph17591783Full record
Dauvergne, Antoine17131797Full record
Davenant, Sir William16061668Full record
Davesne, Bertin17601782Full record
Davidts, Albert16441645Full record
De Grieck, Joan16281699Full record
De Herpener, Peter15561556Full record
De Koert-Santvoort, Anna1680Full record
de L'Estoile, Claude16021652Full record
De Leeuw-van Trooyen, Annetje16381693Full record
De Veau, Sacharias Jansz16381642Full record
De Ville (Viele), Guilliam16441657Full record
De Ville, Jacobus16221652Full record
Decker, Jeremias de16091666Full record
Dejaure, Jean-Claude Bédéno17611790Full record
Delacour, Alfred18151883Full record
Delatour17821782Full record
Delavigne, Casimir17931843Full record
Delisle de La Drevetière, Louis François16821756Full record
Della Casa, Giovanni15031556Full record
Della Maria, Pierre-Antoine-Dominique17691800Full record
Delrieu, Étienne Joseph Bernard17611836Full record
Demoustier, C.A.17601807Full record
Des Maizeaux, Pierre16731745Full record
Desaguliers, C.17321732Full record
Desaudras1793Full record
Deschamps, Émile17911871Full record
Deschamps, François Michel Chrétien16831747Full record
DesenfantFull record
Desfontaines, François-Georges17331825Full record
Desfontaines, Pierre François Guyot16851745Full record
Desforges, Jean-Baptiste17461806Full record
Deshoulières, Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde16381694Full record
Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, Jean15951676Full record
Desmarets, Henry16611741Full record
Desmarres1715Full record
Desnoyer, Charles18061858Full record
Desportes, Claude François16931774Full record
Dessaudrais-Sebire, F.Full record
Dessauer, Jacob Horst17641837Full record
Destouches, (ps. Philippe Néricault)16801754Full record
Destouches, André Cardinal16721749Full record
DetheisFull record
Devaux, François Antoine17121796Full record
Devienne, François17591803Full record
Dezède, Nicolas17401792Full record
Diderot, Denis17131784Full record
Dijk, Johannes van17181798Full record
Dionysius PeriegetesFull record
Dircx, Barent1654Full record
Dittersdorf, Karl Ditters von17391799Full record
Dobbe, Adr.Full record
Doctor Juris (ps. Koo, Johannes de)18411909Full record
Dodsley, Robert17031764Full record
Does, Jacob van der16411680Full record
Doesburg, Johan van1731Full record
Doll Egges, Catharina Maria17611819Full record
DominiqueFull record
Domis, Guiliam Toussaint16811738Full record
Donatus, AeliusFull record
Dongen van, Susanna1698Full record
Donneau de Visé, Jean16381710Full record
Doornik, Jan Gerard17651807Full record
Dorat, Claude-Joseph17341780Full record
Dorsten, Justinus vanFull record
Dorvigny (ps. Archambault, Louis-François)17421812Full record
Doucet17751775Full record
Dousa, Janus15451604Full record
Droste, Koenraet16421734Full record
Drouin dit Dorimond, Nicolas16281664Full record
Dryden, John16311700Full record
Du Berry1750Full record
Du Hamel, Jaques1611Full record
Du Moulin, Abraham16871687Full record
Du Pomeré, Elias17021704Full record
Du Ryer, Pierre16061658Full record
Du Sauzet, Jean-François1719Full record
Du Soucy Sieur de Gerzan, FrançoisFull record
Dubbels, Pieter16251673Full record
Dubois-Fontanelle, Jean Gaspard17271812Full record
Dubois, Jean-Baptiste17781850Full record
Duboullay, MichelFull record
Dubuisson, Pierre Ulric17461794Full record
Ducange, Victor17831833Full record
Duché de Vancy, Joseph François16681704Full record
Ducis, Jean-François17331816Full record
DuCrest de Saint-Aubin Comtesse de Genlis, Caroline Stéphanie Félicité de17461830Full record
Dudoyer de Gastels, Gérard17321798Full record
Duim, Fredrik16741751Full record
Duircant, Andries16281634Full record
Duisberg, Jan van16551701Full record
Dulken, Gerrit van17131715Full record
Dulkenraad, Kornelis van17711778Full record
Dullaart, Joan1630Full record
Dumaniant, ...Full record
Dumanoir (ps. Pinel, Philippe François)18061865Full record
Dumas, Alexandre18021870Full record
Duni, Egidio17081775Full record
Dupaty, Emanuel17751851Full record
Duperron de Castera, Louis-Adrien17051752Full record
Durimoir17841784Full record
Dusart, Catharina Verwers16181684Full record
Dusch, Johann Jacob17251787Full record
Dusterhoop, Johan Jacob17441769Full record
Duval, Alexandre17671842Full record
Duyf, Joannes17171717Full record
Duym, Jacob15471623Full record
E.D.S.M.Full record
Echte vrank en vrye ouderwetsche patriot, eenFull record
Eckartshausen, Karl von17521803Full record
Ecker de Eckhof, Baron J.H.Full record
Eeckhout-van Lee, Susanna16301700Full record
Eeckhout, Rochus Conrad16301701Full record
Eembd, Govert van derFull record
Effen, Justus van16841735Full record
Egmont, Jacobus van17451756Full record
Ekels, Jan17591794Full record
Elger, Willem den16791703Full record
Elias, Jacob16981750Full record
Elias, Michiel16601702Full record
Elsevier, Abraham17241724Full record
Elsland, Jan van16711736Full record
Elvervelt, Henrik van17001781Full record
Elzevier, Abraham17291749Full record
Elzevier, Kornelis17171761Full record
Elzevier, PetrusFull record
Ende van den, Robertus16621663Full record
Enden, Fanciscus van den16021674Full record
Engel, Johann Jakob17411802Full record
Engelbrecht, SimonFull record
Engelen, Cornelis van17221793Full record
Engelman, Martinus Gerardus17721823Full record
Enríquez Gómez, Antonio16011663Full record
Ens, Caspar15701653Full record
Erasmus, Desiderius14661536Full record
Eraste, Le sieur17891789Full record
Erkelens, Harmen1685Full record
Eschenburg, Johann Joachim17431820Full record
Esgers, Johannes Nicolaas1752Full record
Estimauville de B., d'17801780Full record
Esveldt Holtrop, Jan Steven van17771833Full record
Etherege, Sir George16351692Full record
Étienne, Charles-Guillaume17781845Full record
Euripides480 BC406 BCFull record
Everdingen, Cornelis van16461692Full record
Experientia, Don17711771Full record
Eyck van, Jacobus1681Full record
Fabre d'Églantine, Philippe-François-Nazaire17501794Full record
Fagan, Christophe Barthélemy17021755Full record
Fallée, Benrard Anthoine17731847Full record
Fardeau, Louis Gabriel17301806Full record
Farin de HautemerFull record
Farnaby, Thomas15751647Full record
Farquhar, George16771707Full record
Fatouville, Anne Mauduit de1715Full record
Faur, Louis-François17461829Full record
Favart, Charles Simon17101792Full record
Favart, Marie17271772Full record
Favières, Edmond de17551837Full record
Federico, Gennaro AntonioFull record
Federico, Gennaro AntonioFull record
Feitama, Johan17061768Full record
Feitama, Sybrand16941758Full record
Feith, Rhijnvis17531824Full record
Fellebier, Johan16391640Full record
Fenouillot de Falbaire de Quingey, Charles Georges17271800Full record
Fenton, Elijah16831730Full record
Ferrier de La Martinière, Louis16521721Full record
Ferrières-Sauveboeuf, Louis François de17621814Full record
Fielding, Henry17071754Full record
Fino, Salomon16491656Full record
Fletcher, John15791625Full record
Flines, Gilbert de16901739Full record
Floquet, Etienne Joseph17481785Full record
Florian, Jean Pierre Claris de17551794Full record
Fockens, Melchior1620Full record
Focquenbroch, Willem Godschalk vanFull record
Fokke Simonsz., A.17551812Full record
Fokke, Jan17451812Full record
Fokke, Jan17451812Full record
Folard, Melchior de16831739Full record
Fonteyn, Bernard16021645Full record
Fonteyn, Nicolaas16221644Full record
Forgeot, Nicolas Julien17581798Full record
Fornenbergh, Jan Baptist van16241697Full record
Fourmennois, Gabriel1550Full record
Fournier, MarcFull record
Fournier, Narcisse18031880Full record
Framery, Nicolas Etienne17451810Full record
Francq van Berkhey, Johan le17291812Full record
Franse, Jacobus17001701Full record
Franssoon, JanFull record
Fremery, Barend17501811Full record
Frese, Albertus17141788Full record
Frieseman, Hendrik1821Full record
Fris, Pieter16451651Full record
Friso, Harmodius17501837Full record
Fuss, Franz17451805Full record
Fuyter de, Jacob Leon (Lion)16381651Full record
Fuyter, Leonard de16221658Full record
Fuzelier, Louis16721752Full record
Gaete, Hendrik van de17071719Full record
Gaignan de L'Ami, A.A.17871793Full record
Gamas, F. Marin17941794Full record
Garnier, Robert15441590Full record
Garrick, David17171779Full record
Gaveaux, Pierre17611825Full record
Gebler, Tobias Philipp von17221786Full record
Geens, Jacobus1682Full record
Geest, Wibrandus de16671716Full record
Geest, Willem16671668Full record
Geleyn, P. van16781678Full record
Gellert, C.F17151769Full record
Gemmingen, Otto Heinrich von17551831Full record
Genest, Charles-Claude16391719Full record
Gensicke, Friedrich18001800Full record
Germez, Adam Carelsz. van16121667Full record
GernevaldeFull record
Gerrietsz, Amelijs16381639Full record
Gervais, Charles-Hubert16711744Full record
Gesperden, Johannes Theodorus vanFull record
Gessner, Salomon17301788Full record
Gherardi, Evaristo1700Full record
Ghistele, Cornelis van15101573Full record
Giesecke, Carl Ludwig von17611833Full record
Gijspert, Julia1691Full record
Gilbert, ...17501780Full record
Gilbert, Gabriel16201680Full record
Gillet de La Tessonnerie1620Full record
Gillot de Saintonge, Marie GenevièveFull record
Glazenmaker, Jan HendrikFull record
Gleich, Josef Alois17721841Full record
Gluck, Christoph Willibald17141787Full record
Godewijck, Pieter van15931669Full record
Goens, R.C. van17531803Full record
Goens, Rijklof Michael van17481810Full record
Goeree, Jan16701731Full record
Goes, Johannes Antonides van der16471684Full record
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von17491832Full record
Gogel, Isaac Jan Alexander17651821Full record
Goldoni, Carlo17071793Full record
Goldsmith, Oliver17281774Full record
Gomez, Antonio15011570Full record
Gon, Cornelis van der16601731Full record
Gossec, François-Joseph17341829Full record
Gotter, Friedrich Wilhelm17461797Full record
Gottsched, Luise17131762Full record
GoudanusFull record
Gouffé, Armand17751845Full record
Graaf, Lodewijk de17401740Full record
Graef, Hendrick deFull record
Graffigny, Françoise d'Issembourg d'Happoncourt de16951758Full record
Gramsbergen, MatthijsFull record
Grangé, Eugène18101887Full record
Grantham, Hendrik17381738Full record
Gras, Antoine Jean Le18381899Full record
Greb, F. H.18131868Full record
Greflinger, Georg16201677Full record
Grenier, E.17831783Full record
Gresset, Jean Baptiste Louis17091777Full record
Grétry, André17411813Full record
Grétry, Lucile-Angélique-Dorothée-Louise17721790Full record
Greuve, Gozewijn Christiaan de1818Full record
Grieck, Claude de16251670Full record
Groen, Floris16421689Full record
Groenewoud, Abraham1720Full record
Gronovius, Johannes16111671Full record
Groot de, Dirck1654Full record
Groot, Hugo de15831645Full record
Groot, Jacob deFull record
Groot, Jacobus de17791779Full record
Groot, Jacobus deFull record
Grossmann, Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm17441796Full record
Gryphius, Andreas16161664Full record
Guarini, Giovanni Battista15381612Full record
Guérin de Bouscal, Guyon1657Full record
Guérin dE̕striché, Nicolas Armand MartialFull record
Gueudeville, Nicolas16521721Full record
Guichard, J.F.17311811Full record
Guillard de Beaurieu, Gaspard17281795Full record
Guillard, Nicolas-Francois17521814Full record
Guillemain, ...17501799Full record
Guimond de La Touche, Claude17191760Full record
Guyot de Merville, Michel16961755Full record
Guys, Jean-BaptisteFull record
Gysen, Jan van16681722Full record
Haeften van, Albert16401641Full record
Hagemann, Friedrich Gustav17601830Full record
Halévy, Fromental17991862Full record
Halmael, H. van16541720Full record
Hamme, Andreas Petrus Voitus van17961868Full record
Hamme, Anton vanFull record
Haps, Peter van16481651Full record
Haps, Pieter Willem van16961714Full record
Haren, Onno Zwier van17131779Full record
Harny de Guerville17541766Full record
Harp, Jan Jansz1639Full record
Harpe, Jean-Francois de la17391803Full record
Harten van, Phlip16541655Full record
Hartog Lémon, Hartog de17551823Full record
Hartsen, Antoni17191782Full record
Hartsinck, Jan Jacob17161779Full record
Hartten van, Claes, alias Claesje van Hart)16381646Full record
Hasselt, Joannes Willem van17521833Full record
Hattum, Maurits van17371767Full record
Hauteroche, Noe͏̈l Le Breton (sieur d' )16171707Full record
Havart, Danie͏̈l16501718Full record
Havercamp, Siwart16841742Full record
Haverkamp, Johannes16841754Full record
Haverkorn, Willem Willemszoon17531826Full record
Havius, JacobusFull record
Hazart, V.16811681Full record
Hazeu Czn., Johannes17541835Full record
Heems, Abraham17211725Full record
Heemskerck, Willem van16131692Full record
Heemskerk, Johan van15971656Full record
Heerman, JacobFull record
Heidegger, John Jacob16661749Full record
Heiden, Jacob van der16811683Full record
Heiden, Samuel van der16881696Full record
Heidenreich, Daniel EliasFull record
Heinsius, Daniel15801655Full record
Helmers, Jan Frederik17671813Full record
Helmont, H.J. van17751775Full record
Hemsterhuis, Tiberius16851766Full record
Hendrickx, AntonyFull record
Hennebo, Robert16851737Full record
Hennert, Johann Friedrich17331813Full record
Henricx, Christiaen16251625Full record
Henriquez, Louis-Marin17651815Full record
Hensler, Karl Friedrich17611825Full record
Herbst, Ad. Heinr. Jos.17941794Full record
Heripon de, Jan16551660Full record
Heripon de, Pieter (Harpon)16381644Full record
Hérold, Ferdinand17911833Full record
Hertz Jr., J.18561857Full record
Hessen, Willem17021741Full record
Heugelenburch, Willem vanFull record
Heulen, Christiaan van1707Full record
Heulen, Christiaan van1707Full record
Hey, Johannes Jacobsz. van der17571796Full record
Heyboom, Pieter1680Full record
Heyligert, Cornelis17431803Full record
Heynck, Dirk PieterszFull record
Heyningen van, Willem1687Full record
Heyns, Peeter15371598Full record
Heyns, Zacharias15661630Full record
Hillern-Birch, Wilhelmine von18361916Full record
Hippel, Theodor Gottlieb von17411796Full record
Hochkirch, FranzFull record
Hoefnagel, Nicolaas17351784Full record
Hoen, Pieter 't17441828Full record
Hoeven, Emanuel van der16601727Full record
Hoeven, Willem van der16531727Full record
Hoffham, O.C.F.17441799Full record
Hoffman, François Benoît17601828Full record
Hoflandt, JustusFull record
Hofmeyer, Jeurian16621669Full record
Hogendorp, Dirk van17611822Full record
Hogendorp, Gijsbrecht vanFull record
Holbein, Franz Ignaz von17791855Full record
Holberg, Ludvig16841754Full record
Holcroft, Thomas17451809Full record
Honoré, André1725Full record
Hooff, Nicolaas Willem op den1765Full record
Hoofman, Cornelis1672Full record
Hooft van, Paulus16821704Full record
Hooft, Pieter Cornelisz15811647Full record
Hooft, Willem Dircksz15941658Full record
Hoogendoorn, J.W.17801780Full record
Hoogeveen (jr.), Cornelis van17401792Full record
Hooghuysen, DavidFull record
Hoogstraten, David van16581724Full record
Hoogstraten, F. van16321696Full record
Hoogstraten, Jan van16621736Full record
Hoogstraten, Samuel vanFull record
Hoorn van, Barent Jansz16381643Full record
Hoppestein, A.Full record
Hordyk Verstolk, A.Full record
Horst, Anna van der17351785Full record
Horst, Gerard van derFull record
Hortensius, Lambertus15001574Full record
Houte, Willem ten17811783Full record
Houten, Willem ten17911791Full record
Houthaak, Adriaan16631664Full record
Houthaak, Cornelis Dircksz16231658Full record
Houthaak, Dirk Cornelisz15971658Full record
Houthaak, Frans16411653Full record
Houthaak, Gerrit16611664Full record
Houthaak, Hendrik16271671Full record
Houthaak, Tymon Dircksz16251664Full record
Houtman Thz., Johannes17541825Full record
Houwaert, Johan Baptista15331599Full record
Hoven, Aegidius van17001700Full record
Hoven, Jan van16811750Full record
Hoving, C.H.Full record
Howard, Robert16261698Full record
Huau, ... (Mlle.)Full record
Hugenius, Martinus1709Full record
Hughes, John16771720Full record
Hugli, J.17851785Full record
Huisinga, Julius Aysonius16491649Full record
Hume, John17051782Full record
Huybert van Kruiningen, Pieter Anthony de16931780Full record
Huydecoper, Balthasar16951778Full record
Huygens, Constantijn15961687Full record
Iffland, August Wilhelm17591814Full record
Ilt van, Harmen1652Full record
Imme, Willem17621823Full record
Immerzeel jr., Johannes17761841Full record
Ingen, Simon16581658Full record
Isouard, Nicolas17731818Full record
J.V.D.M.H.Full record
Jacobsz, Willem16411642Full record
Jansz, Barent16531654Full record
Jansz, Louris15201589Full record
Janszoon, Jan de QuackFull record
Japin, JeanFull record
Jemans, Dirk17351741Full record
Jester, Ernst Friedrich17431822Full record
Jeuriaansz, Nanning16401641Full record
Jiménez de Enciso, Diego15851634Full record
Jolly, Antoine François16721753Full record
Jones, Henry Arthur18511929Full record
Jongh, Izak de17851800Full record
Jonson, Ben15721637Full record
Joosten, Cryn16381650Full record
Julien de Vinezac, DeFull record
Jullien dit Desboulmiers, Jean-Auguste17311771Full record
Just, J.A.17481791Full record
Kaarsgieter, François de16711706Full record
Kalbergen-de Boer, Elisabeth16551662Full record
Kalbergen, Dirk16281655Full record
Kamp van der, Gerrit16821693Full record
Kamphuijzen, D.J.18431843Full record
Kassa, J. Jansz16481650Full record
Kasteleijn, Petrus Johannes17461794Full record
Kemp, AbrahamFull record
Kemp, Jacobus16541670Full record
Kempher, Gerard1737Full record
Kerkhoven, Jan Willem17461786Full record
Kerkhoven, Joannes1681Full record
Kerkhoven, Theodorus Johannes17891857Full record
Kersteman, Petrus Lievens17301804Full record
Keyser de, Harmen16381639Full record
Keyser de, Jan16381639Full record
Keyser de, Thomas Gerritsz15971651Full record
Keyser, Gerrit16281656Full record
Killigrew, Thomas16571719Full record
Kinker, Johannes17641845Full record
Kisselius, Johannes17781850Full record
Kleyn, Jacob16941695Full record
Klijn, Hendrik Herman17731856Full record
Klingemann, August17771831Full record
Klinkhamer, Govert17021774Full record
Klopstock, Frederick17241803Full record
Koenerding, Johannes16321705Full record
Koenerding, Johannes Andreas16781735Full record
Kohault, Josef17381777Full record
Kok, A. S.Full record
Kok, A.L.16161653Full record
Kok, Alhardt LodewijkFull record
Kolm, Jan Sieuwertsz15891637Full record
Koninck, Nicolaes1682Full record
Koning de, Servaes1691Full record
Koning-Admiraal, Anna16521690Full record
Koning, Abraham de15681618Full record
Koning, Harmanus1704Full record
Koning, Jacobus17701832Full record
Koning, Steffeny1687Full record
Konink, Servaas de16831718Full record
Kool, Thys17471747Full record
Koot (de), Hendrik16571676Full record
Kornelisz, Willem1652Full record
Koster, Edward B.18611937Full record
Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von17611819Full record
Krap, Jan17791795Full record
Kratter, Franz17581830Full record
Kretschmann, Karl Friedrich17381809Full record
Kretzer, Marten1598Full record
Kreutzer, Rodolphe17661831Full record
Krook, Cornelis1700Full record
Krook, Enoch16641732Full record
Kroon, Daniel16881712Full record
Krul, A.M.17211734Full record
Krul, Jan Harmensz.16021646Full record
Kuipers, Dirk17331796Full record
Küster, Ludolf16701716Full record
Kyd, Thomas15581594Full record
La Calprenède, Gautier de Coste de16141663Full record
La Chapelle, Jean de16551723Full record
La Chaussée, Pierre-Claude Nivelle de16921754Full record
La Coste de MézièreFull record
La Fargue, J.T.17281758Full record
La Fite, Marie Elisabeth Bouée de1794Full record
La Font, Joseph de16861725Full record
La Fontaine, Jean de16211695Full record
La Fosse, Antoine de16531708Full record
La Martelière, Jean Henri Ferdinand17611830Full record
La Motte, Antoine Houdar de16721731Full record
La Place, Pierre Antoine de17071793Full record
La Ribardière, deFull record
La Roque, Antoine de16721744Full record
La Rue, Pieter de16951770Full record
La Serre, Jean Louis Ignace de16621756Full record
La Serre, Jean Puget de15931665Full record
La Thuillerie, Jean François Juvenon de16531688Full record
Lacroix, Pieter de16361687Full record
Laffichard, Thomas16981753Full record
Lagrange Chancel, François Joseph de16771758Full record
Lamaison, Laurens Jacobus17851800Full record
Lamarteliere , Jean-Henri-Ferdinand17611830Full record
Lambert-Thiboust18261867Full record
Lambert, N.Full record
Lambrecht, JanFull record
Lambrechts, Amos16941755Full record
Lamme, Arie17481801Full record
Landrin, C.17601785Full record
Landsle, J.V.Full record
Lange de, Hendrik16381642Full record
Lange, Jacob deFull record
Langedult, Petrus16401677Full record
Langendijk, Pieter16831756Full record
Lannoy, Juliana Cornelia de17381782Full record
Lansdowne, Lord George Granville16671735Full record
Lantier, Etienne François de17341826Full record
Launay, De16951751Full record
Lavater, J.C.17411801Full record
Le Begues, Lambert18391869Full record
Le Blanc, Hubert17401741Full record
Le Blanc, Jean Bernard17071781Full record
Le Bovier de Fontenelle, Bernard16571757Full record
Le Feber, Egbert17001732Full record
Le Grand, Marc Antoine16731728Full record
Le Jars, LouisFull record
Le Métel d'Ouville, Antoine15901556Full record
Le Métel de Boisrobert, François15921662Full record
Le Noble, Eustache16431711Full record
Le Prévost d'Exmes, François17291793Full record
Le Prince de Beaumont, ...17111780Full record
Le Roy de Bacre, Alexandre-Joseph17641834Full record
Le Roy, Bernard1719Full record
Le Tellier17151715Full record
Le Vacher de Charnois, Jean Charles17501792Full record
Leblanc de Guillet, Antoine Blanc17301799Full record
Lee, Nathaniel16531692Full record
Leeuw, Adriaan Bastiaansz de16251681Full record
Lefebure Baron de St. Ildephont, Guillaume René17441809Full record
Legouvé, Ernest18071903Full record
Legouvé, Gabriel-Marie17641812Full record
Leiva Ramírez de Arellano, Francisco de16301676Full record
Lemierre, Antoine Marin17231793Full record
Lemmers, Jan16101666Full record
Lemmers, Jasper16401697Full record
Lemonnier, Pierre René17311796Full record
Lennep, Jacob van18021868Full record
Lentfrinck, François17171792Full record
Lesage, Alain René16681747Full record
Lescailje, Jacob16111679Full record
Lescailje, Katharina16491711Full record
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim17291781Full record
Leuve, Roeland van17111730Full record
Lichtenstein, Karl August von17671845Full record
Liefhebber der poe͏̈sye, eenFull record
Liepoldes, Jan Gerrit17351735Full record
Lijn, Cornelis Jacob van der17301799Full record
Lille, Christianus Everhardus de17241795Full record
Lillo, George16911739Full record
Limiers, Henri Philippe de1728Full record
Lindsey, Theophilus17231808Full record
Lingelbach, David16411688Full record
Linguet, S.N.H.17361794Full record
Lipsius, Justus15471606Full record
Listrius, Gerardus15131546Full record
Loaisel de Tréogate, Joseph Marie17521812Full record
Lochem, Hermanus van1738Full record
Loghem, Herman van17381738Full record
Longepierre, Hilaire Bernard de Requeleyne de16591721Full record
Loon, Gerard van16831758Full record
Loosjes, Adriaan Pietersz17611818Full record
Loots, Cornelis17651834Full record
Lope de Vega y Carpio, Félix15621635Full record
Lower, William1662Full record
Lozeman, H.W.Full record
Lubaeus (jr.), Henrick1632Full record
Lully, Jean Baptiste de16321687Full record
Lust, Steven Theunisz van der16371660Full record
Lutkeman, Jacob17201782Full record
Luts, Thomas16801684Full record
Luydens, E.Full record
Luzac, Elias17211796Full record
Lx Fxxxx, Monsieur17091784Full record
Lynslager, Philip Frederik1796Full record
Maas, Abraham17261804Full record
Maas, Hendr. (Toneelvertaler)17001700Full record
Mackenzie, Henry17451831Full record
Macropedius, Georgius14871558Full record
Magnon, Jean16201662Full record
Mague de Saint-Aubin, ...17461824Full record
Mailhol, Gabriel17251791Full record
Malfait (de jonge), PhilipFull record
Mallian, Julien de18051851Full record
Malsem van, Thomas1719Full record
Manheer, Gerrit17721800Full record
Marcouville, Pierre Augustin Lefèvre de1722Full record
Marcus, Rudolph1772Full record
Marie-Catherine Desjardins de Villedieu16401683Full record
Marmontel, Jean François17231799Full record
Marquis de la Salle d'Offémont, Adrien Nicolas17341818Full record
Marquis de Paulmy17221787Full record
Marquis de Saint Marc, Jean Paul André de Razins17281818Full record
Marre, Jan de16961763Full record
Marsollier Des Vivetières, Benoît Joseph17501817Full record
Mason, John1582Full record
Masson de Pezay, Alexandre Frédéric Jacques17411777Full record
Masson, Michel18001883Full record
Mater, Govert van16971729Full record
Matos Fragoso, Juan de16061688Full record
Maucomble, Jean-François Dieudonné de17351768Full record
Mauprié, ... deFull record
Mauricius, Johan Jacob16921768Full record
Maurik, Justus van18461904Full record
Mayeur de Saint-Paul, François Marie17581818Full record
Mayvogel, Jacob CoenraetszFull record
Meeckeren, Johan van1665Full record
Meerhuyzen, Jan Pietersz, alias Jan Tamboer16181667Full record
Meerkamp, Herman17361738Full record
Meerman, Johan17531815Full record
Meijer, Jan CoenraadFull record
Meijer, Lodewijk16291681Full record
Meissner, August Gottlieb17531807Full record
Menkema (jr.), Johannes17841784Full record
Menkema (sr.) 17451777Full record
Mercier, Louis Sébastien17401814Full record
Merkman, Pieter16991760Full record
Metastasio, Pietro16981782Full record
Meun, Vincent16411643Full record
Meyer, Jan17001757Full record
Meyerbeer, Giacomo17911864Full record
Meyster, Everard16171679Full record
Michae͏̈lius, J.16141646Full record
Mildert, Abraham van1597Full record
Miller, Johann Martin17501814Full record
Minell, Jan16251670Full record
Mira de Amescua, Antonio15741644Full record
Moens, Petronella17621843Full record
Moeringh, Cornelis Gerard17051758Full record
Moissy, Alexandre Guillaume Mouslier de17121777Full record
Mol, Jacob deFull record
Molde, Ferdinand de16311680Full record
MolenhofFull record
Molesteen, Alida16591660Full record
Molière (ps. Poquelin, Jean Baptiste)16221673Full record
Molina, Tirso de15791648Full record
Moline, Pierre Louis17401821Full record
Möller, Heinrich Ferdinand17451798Full record
Moncrif, François Auguste Paradis de16871770Full record
Mondonville, Jean-Joseph de17111772Full record
Monroy y Silva, Cristóbal de16121649Full record
Monsigny, Pierre Alexandre17291817Full record
Monterossi17981798Full record
Monterossi17981798Full record
Montfleury, Antoine Jacob16401685Full record
Moor, Hendrick16301635Full record
Moore, Edward17121757Full record
Morand, Pierre de17011757Full record
Moreau de Brasey, Jean NicoleFull record
Moreau,Eugène18061876Full record
Morel de Chédeville, Etienne17471814Full record
Morel, Emma18831957Full record
Moreto y Cabaña, Agustín16181669Full record
Mosenthal, Salomon Hermann18211877Full record
Mostart, Daniel15901646Full record
Mouret, Jean-Joseph16821738Full record
Mourik, B.17381781Full record
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus17561791Full record
Mr. Arent, de fluiter1652Full record
Mr. Evert1648Full record
Mr. Willem1651Full record
Muilemans, Steven16391649Full record
Muiser, GerardFull record
Muller, Barent Jansz16421643Full record
Müller, Johann Gottwerth17431828Full record
Müller, Johann Heinrich Friedrich17381815Full record
Muret, Marc Antoine15261585Full record
Mussato, Albertino12611329Full record
Muyr, Hendrick van derFull record
Muysenhol, GommarusFull record
Muyser, Gerard17261757Full record
Nachtegael Klemens, ArnoldFull record
Nadal, Augustin16591741Full record
Naigeon, Jacques André17381810Full record
Nassau la Leck, Graaf Lodewijk Theodorus van17411795Full record
Nau, François1715Full record
Nederhoven, PieterFull record
Neer van der, Jan16601664Full record
Nény, Patrice François de17161784Full record
Nesselrode, F. G. von17791779Full record
Neufville, Christina Leonora de17131781Full record
Neuhusius, Regnerus16081679Full record
Neuye, JanFull record
Newski, PierreFull record
Neyts, Jacques Toussaint17271794Full record
Nicolini, FilippoFull record
Nielsen, Chr. Heinr.17971797Full record
Nieulant, Willem van15841635Full record
Nieuwenhuijzen, Martinus17591793Full record
Nieuwenkamp, W.G.18901890Full record
Nil Volentibus Arduum groupFull record
Nivenius, JohannesFull record
Nomsz, Johannes17381803Full record
Nooseman-van den Bergh, Ariana16271661Full record
Nooseman, Jan1653Full record
Nooseman, Jillis16261682Full record
Nooseman, Maria16521729Full record
Nootmans, Pieter16271635Full record
Norel, Rob.17051705Full record
Nuyts, Pieter16401709Full record
Ochsenheimer, Ferdinand17671822Full record
Ogelwight jr., Hendrik17641841Full record
Ogier, WillemFull record
Ollefen, Lieve van17491816Full record
Ollefen, Willem Caspersz. van17471829Full record
Onderwater, Dirk17681818Full record
Oosterhaern, Hendrik16051646Full record
Opitz, Martin15971639Full record
Opmeer, Dirk Anthonisz16601660Full record
Ordonneau, Maurice18541916Full record
Orneval, Jacques-Philippe d'1766Full record
Otway, Thomas16521685Full record
Oudaen, Joachim16281692Full record
Oudenhoven, Joris van17571757Full record
Overstraten, Adriana van17561828Full record
Overveld, Nicolaas van16931751Full record
Ovidius Naso, P.43 BC17Full record
Ozicourt, d'1818Full record
Paape, Gerrit17521803Full record
Paffenrode, Jan van16181673Full record
Palaprat, Jean16501721Full record
Palensteyn, JanFull record
Palissot de Montenoy, Charles17301814Full record
Palomba, Antonio17051769Full record
Panders, Jan van17471809Full record
Pannard, Charles-François16891765Full record
Paolo Giacometti18161882Full record
Papeus, PetrusFull record
Papius, Andreas15521581Full record
Parker, Pieter Triael16191673Full record
Parmentier, ...Full record
Passé, CarelFull record
Passerat, François1717Full record
Pasteur, Jan David17531804Full record
Pater, Lucas17071781Full record
Patrat, Joseph17321801Full record
Paulsen, Carl AndreasFull record
Pauw, Ferdinand Frans deFull record
Pauw, Joannes Cornelius de16801749Full record
Péchantré, Nicolas de16381708Full record
Peerdeklontius, IgnotusFull record
Peijpers, W. N.18281895Full record
Pellegrin, Simon Joseph16631745Full record
Pelletier de Volméranges, Benoît17561824Full record
Pels, AndriesFull record
Pels, P. (fl. 1650-1669)16501669Full record
Pérez de Montalván, Juan16021638Full record
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista17101736Full record
Perk, C. H.Full record
Perreau, Jean André17491813Full record
Perrin, Pierre16201675Full record
Pesselier, MonsieurFull record
Petit, Catharina Christina16601740Full record
Petit, Isabella16641697Full record
Petit, Jan16531725Full record
Peupers, W.N.Full record
Peypers, Wilhelmus Nicolaas1829Full record
Peys, AdriaenFull record
Pfranger, Johann Georg17451790Full record
Phaedrus54Full record
Philidor, François-André Danican17261795Full record
Philips, Ambrose16741749Full record
Pic, JeanFull record
Picard, Louis-Benoît17691828Full record
Picart, Bernard16731733Full record
Piccini, Joseph-Marie17581826Full record
Piccinni, Niccolò17281800Full record
Pieroom, Hubertus16741741Full record
Pierson, Christoffel16311714Full record
Pierson, Pauwels1610Full record
Pietersz, Evert16381648Full record
Pietersz, Pieter16391642Full record
Pieyre, Alexandre17521830Full record
Pigault-Lebrun, Charles Antoine Guillaume17531835Full record
Piis, P.A.A. de17551832Full record
Pilade, Giovanni Francesco Boccardo1505Full record
Piron, Alexis16891773Full record
Pixérécourt, René-Charles Guilbert de17731844Full record
Plaat, Cornelis Anthoniesz17331733Full record
Plancher de Valcour, Philippe Aristide Louis Pierre17511813Full record
Plautus, T. Maccius244 BC184 BCFull record
Plemp, Cornelis Gijsbertsz15741638Full record
Ploegh, Jan Pieters16801691Full record
Plouvier, Édouard18211876Full record
Pluimer, Jan1689Full record
Pluimer, Joan1720Full record
Poinsinet, ...17351769Full record
Poirier, L.Fr. duFull record
Poisson de La Chabeaussière, Ange-Étienne-Xavier17521820Full record
Poisson, Madeleine Angélique (dame Gabriel de Gomez )16841770Full record
Poisson, Philippe16821743Full record
Poisson, Raymond16301690Full record
Pont-de-Veyle, A. Ferriol de16971774Full record
Pontanus, Johannes Isacius15711639Full record
Pook, Jan1714Full record
Potter, David deFull record
Pousset sieur de Montauban, Jacques16101685Full record
Pradon, Nicolas16321698Full record
Pratt, Samuel Jackson17491814Full record
Prendre de, Anna16611662Full record
Prévost d'Exiles, Antoine François16971763Full record
Produc, A.17811781Full record
Publilius SyrusFull record
Punt, Jan17111779Full record
Puységur, Jacques-François de Chastenet de16551743Full record
Pypers, Pieter17491805Full record
Questiers, Catharina16311669Full record
Questiers, Salomon Davidsz15901637Full record
Quétant, Antoine-François17331823Full record
Quinault, Philippe16351688Full record
Racine, Jean16391699Full record
Radet, Jean-Baptiste17521830Full record
Raimund, Ferdinand17901836Full record
Rambach, Friedrich Eberhard17081775Full record
Rammazeyn, JohannesFull record
Randolph, Thomas16051635Full record
Randon de Boisset17081776Full record
Rathgeber, Leonard18581858Full record
Rautenstrauch, Johann17461801Full record
Ray, Carel Alexander van17801842Full record
Rébel, Jean Ferry16691747Full record
Regnard, Jean François16551709Full record
Regt, Jan de1715Full record
Regtering, Hendrik Willem17511759Full record
Reis Quita, Domingo dos17281770Full record
Reitzenstein, Carl von17931794Full record
Rekker, Bartholomeus17681844Full record
Relly, DeFull record
Remery, JanFull record
Renou, Antoine17311806Full record
Restif de la Bretonne, ...17341806Full record
Reuchlin, Johann14551522Full record
Rhiba/d'Acunenga, AndréFull record
Riccoboni, ...17071772Full record
Riccoboni, Marie Jeanne Laboras de Mézières17131792Full record
Richaud Martelly, Honoré Antoine17511817Full record
Richer, Henri16581748Full record
Rigo-Eeckhout, Adriana16501722Full record
Rigo, Nicolaas16791690Full record
Rijk, Frans16801741Full record
Rijndorp, Adriana van17231723Full record
Rijndorp, Jacob van16631720Full record
Rijssele, Colijn van1503Full record
Riupeirous, Théodore de16641706Full record
Rivier, SimonFull record
Rivière-Dufresny, Charles16541724Full record
Rixtel, PieterFull record
Robbertsz, Jan16381642Full record
Robineau, Alexandre Louis Bertrand17461823Full record
Robyn, WillemFull record
Rochon de Chabannes, ...17301800Full record
Rockus, Claes16471652Full record
Rodenbergh van, Willem1643Full record
Rodenburgh, Theodoor15741644Full record
Roelandt, HendrikFull record
Roelofsz, Jan16531654Full record
Roger, Jean-François17761842Full record
Roggeveen, Arent1679Full record
Rojas Zorrilla, Francisco de16071648Full record
Romagnesi, Jean Antoine16901742Full record
Roman, JanFull record
Romani, Felice17881865Full record
Roobol, Cornelis Johannes18061870Full record
Roos, Gerard17301812Full record
Roos, Paul François17511805Full record
Rose dit Rosimond, Claude de la16401686Full record
Rosseau, Jac.17161744Full record
Rössing, J.H.18471918Full record
Rossingh, Hendrik16651668Full record
Rossini, Gioachino17921868Full record
Rotgans, Lukas16531710Full record
Rotrou, Jean16091650Full record
Rouhier-Deschamps, J.17681805Full record
Roullaud, Henri Jean17291790Full record
Rousseau, Jean-Baptiste16701741Full record
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques17121778Full record
Rousseau, Pierre17161785Full record
Rowe, Nicholas16741718Full record
Roy, Pierre Charles16831764Full record
Rozoy, Barnabé Farmian de17451792Full record
Ruiz de Alarcón y Mendoza, Juan15811639Full record
Ruloffs, Bartholomeus17411801Full record
Rustaing de Saint-Jory, Louis de1752Full record
Rusting van, Jacob16581662Full record
Rusting, Salomon van16521717Full record
Ruyter, Willem Bartelsz15841639Full record
Ryk, Jacob de (incorrect: Jan de Rijck)16481702Full record
Sachsen, Amalie Friederike Auguste von17941870Full record
Saffre, Cornelis16611662Full record
Saint-Amant, Marc Antoine de Gérard de15941661Full record
Saint-Evremond, Charles de Marguetel de Saint-Denis seigneur de16131703Full record
Saint-Foix, Germain François Poullain de16981776Full record
Saint-Jean, ...Full record
Salomon, Jean-FrançoisFull record
Sammers, Alida Maria16681672Full record
Sammers, Jacob16521689Full record
Sander, Willem vanFull record
Sandra, Jan17321732Full record
Santen, Gerrit Cornelisz van15911656Full record
Sardou, Victorien18311908Full record
Sarti, Giuseppe17291802Full record
Sasselee, Joost17241748Full record
Saurin, Bernard Joseph17061781Full record
Sauvé dit de La Noue, Jean-Baptiste17011760Full record
Sax, Coenraad17151715Full record
Sbarra, Francesco16111668Full record
Scabaelje, Dierick15801617Full record
Scaliger, Josephus Justus15401609Full record
Scarron, Paul16101660Full record
Schaaf, Christiaan17071772Full record
Schaak, Pieter16331708Full record
Schaep, Gerard Pietersz15991654Full record
Schaghen, Jan vanFull record
Schaz, J.A.Full record
Schermer, Lukas16881711Full record
Schijnvoet, Simon16531727Full record
Schikaneder, Emanuel17511812Full record
Schilde van der, Tysje16421647Full record
Schiller, Friedrich von17591805Full record
Schilperoort van, Jacob16581664Full record
Schimmel, Hendrik Jan18231906Full record
Schipper, Jan16491650Full record
Schipper, Jan Jacobsz16171619Full record
Schmidt, Izaak17401818Full record
Schmieder, Heinrich Gottlieb17631828Full record
Schmitt, Joseph17341791Full record
Schonaeus, Cornelius15411611Full record
Schonck, E.J.B.17451821Full record
Schottus S.J., Andreas15521629Full record
Schouwenbergh, NNFull record
Schrevelius, Cornelius16081664Full record
Schrevelius, Cornelius16821716Full record
Schröder, François17171717Full record
Schröder, Friedrich Ulrich Ludwig17441816Full record
Schroder, Johannes16801746Full record
Schroderus, J.C.16951759Full record
Schrooder, Gerrit16681693Full record
Schuyling, Fransois, alias Frans de Geck16381642Full record
Schwindl, Friedrich17371786Full record
Schyff, J.S.18011801Full record
ScipionFull record
Scribe, Eugène17911861Full record
Scriverius, Petrus15761660Full record
Scudéry, Georges de16011667Full record
Scudéry, Madeleine de16071701Full record
Sebille, Charles1738Full record
Sectanus, QuintusFull record
Sedaine, Michel Jean17191797Full record
Seebout, Abraham16451646Full record
Seegers, Frans17191720Full record
Segrais, Jean Regnault de16241701Full record
Seipgens, Emile Anton Hubert18371896Full record
Séjour, Victor (ps. Marcou Séjour, Jean-Baptiste Victor)18171874Full record
Sellitto, Giuseppe17001777Full record
Sels, Willem Hendrik17411789Full record
Selyns, Barent1687Full record
Seneca, L. Annaeus4 BC65Full record
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (Rhetor)55 BC40Full record
Sertor, GaetanoFull record
Serwouters, Joannes16231677Full record
Shadwell, Thomas16421692Full record
Shakespeare, William15641616Full record
Shaw, George Bernard18561950Full record
Sheffield Duke of Buckingham, John16481721Full record
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley17511816Full record
Shirley, James15961666Full record
Sille, Gysbert de1622Full record
Six, JanFull record
Sixtinus, SuffridusFull record
Sluys, J. van der17531753Full record
Smallegange, Mattheus16241710Full record
Smids, Ludolph16491720Full record
Smidt, JohannesFull record
Smit, GerbrandFull record
Smit, J.17481748Full record
Smith, Edmund16721710Full record
Sodi, Carlo17151788Full record
Soet, Jan16101674Full record
Soeteboom, Hendrik Jacobsz (1616-c. 1678)16161678Full record
Soetens, Abraham17831783Full record
Soetert de, Anna16801681Full record
Solié, Jean-Pierre17551812Full record
Someren, J. van16221676Full record
Son, J.C. van17991799Full record
Soolmans, JanFull record
Sophocles496 BC406 BCFull record
Soulier, Jean Marie AchilleFull record
Soumet, Alexandre17881845Full record
Southerne, Thomas16591746Full record
Spaan, Gelinus van17311800Full record
Spatzier, Anthony17181777Full record
Spiere, Rijssaert vanFull record
Spiess, Christian Heinrich17551799Full record
Spille, Hendrik17311787Full record
Spoor, Cornelis Roelofs Hendrik18261896Full record
Stam, J. van der17981799Full record
Stamhorst, Jacobus17471756Full record
Stanley, Thomas16251678Full record
Star, S. van der1818Full record
Starrenburg, Johannes1772Full record
Starter, Jan JanszFull record
Staveren, Gillis vanFull record
Steele, R.16721729Full record
Steenwijk, Frans van17051788Full record
Steinberg, Carl17571811Full record
Stephanie der Jüngere, Johann Gottlieb,17411800Full record
Stephanie, Gottlieb17411800Full record
Sterbini, Cesare17841831Full record
Steyn, Adriaan vanFull record
Stol, Simon17121712Full record
Strijker, Theodoor16431683Full record
Strobach, Michiel16241673Full record
Struys, JacobFull record
Stuck, Jean-Baptiste16801755Full record
Sturtz, H.P.1818Full record
Styl, Simon17311804Full record
Sweerts, Cornelis16691742Full record
Sybant, Abraham16271655Full record
Sybant, David16501654Full record
Sybrantsz, Cornelis16381640Full record
Tack, Adolf18001807Full record
Taconet, Toussaint-Gaspard17301774Full record
Takama, HendrikFull record
Tasso, Torquato15441595Full record
Teeuwsen, Hendrik17671784Full record
Teirlinck, Herman18791967Full record
Tengnagel, Mattheus Gansneb16131652Full record
Terentius, Publius185 BC159 BCFull record
Théaulon, Emmanuel17871841Full record
Theocritus Syracusanus310 BC250 BCFull record
Thibouville, Henri-Lambert d'Erbigny de17101784Full record
Thil, Adriaan van17111719Full record
Thomae, HieronymusFull record
Thomas, HieronymusFull record
Thomson, J.17001748Full record
Thysius jr., Antonius16031665Full record
Tiggelaar, H.Full record
Tijsens, Gijsbert16931732Full record
Tillo, G.1818Full record
Toledo, Johannes vanFull record
Toll, Philip Theodoor16431685Full record
Tollens Cz., Hendrik17801856Full record
Tomasz, Frans16401642Full record
Tomkis, ThomasFull record
Tonnis, Jan16071672Full record
Tooren van, Adriaan16631664Full record
Torche, Antoine16351675Full record
Torres Villarroel, Diego de16931770Full record
Tourneur, Cyril15751626Full record
Tr., A.Full record
Trapp, Joseph16791747Full record
Treu, Michael Daniel16341708Full record
Tristan L'Hermite16011655Full record
Trotha, Thilo von18511905Full record
Tuke, Samuel1674Full record
Twisck, Pieter Jansz15651635Full record
Udemans, Cornelis Hendricksz.15981672Full record
Unknown authorFull record
Urfé, Honoré d'Full record
Ussieux, Louis d'17441805Full record
Uylenbroek, P.J.17481808Full record
Vadé, Jean Joseph17201757Full record
Valabrègue, Albin18531937Full record
Valentijn, Pieter16461655Full record
Van Beveren, C.Full record
Vanbrugh, John16641726Full record
Varenhorst, Harmanus17141715Full record
Veen, Jan van der15871659Full record
Velde, Willem van16331633Full record
Velden, Matthijs van16271638Full record
Vélez de Guevara, Luis15791644Full record
Velsen (van), Johannes16551662Full record
Velsen, Barend vanFull record
Veltman, Louis Jacques18171907Full record
Veltzen, Emerentia16611664Full record
Velzen, Arent16671669Full record
Venator, Adolphus1619Full record
Verbeek, Zacharias17331733Full record
Verbiest, Hendrik16491652Full record
Verbiest, Isaak16391651Full record
Vereul, Abraham17701817Full record
Vereul, Jan Jacob17701807Full record
Verheiden, Willem15681595Full record
Verhoek, Pieter16331702Full record
Verkade, Eduard Rutger18781961Full record
Verkamer, Johannes16441664Full record
Verley, Jan17111727Full record
Verlove, KarelFull record
Verlove, Pieter1690Full record
Vermaat, Pieter16511653Full record
Vernède, Scipion Henri17681840Full record
Verronn, Coenradus16441645Full record
Versteeg, Nicolaus17001773Full record
Verstegen, Richard15481640Full record
Verveer, Jan17761797Full record
Vigée, L.J.B.E.17681820Full record
Vijgh, Jan Frederik16451645Full record
Vijver, Cornelis van der17841855Full record
Villani, Nicola15901636Full record
Villaviciosa, Sebastián de16181670Full record
Villeneuve, Citoyenne17551828Full record
Villenhoven, J.D.17971797Full record
Villiers 2nd Duke of Buckingham, George16281687Full record
Villiers, Pierre de16481728Full record
Vincent, YsbrandFull record
Vinck, JacobFull record
Vinck, Jan Pietersz16801681Full record
Vinck, Paulus16441683Full record
Vissers, Johanna16611669Full record
Viverius, Jacobus15711636Full record
Vlackveld, Joannes1628Full record
Vleugels, JacobFull record
Vlieg, Petronella16881737Full record
Vliegers, Cornelia16611668Full record
Vlooswijk, ?16421643Full record
Voisenon, l'abbé de17081775Full record
Vollenhove, BernartFull record
Voltaire16941778Full record
Vondel, Joost van den15871679Full record
Voogel de, Maria16661667Full record
Vooght, Otho deFull record
Voordaagh, JacobFull record
Vos de, Pieter16531655Full record
Vos, Isaac16001651Full record
Vos, Jan16101667Full record
Voskuil, Meynert Pietersz15931650Full record
Voss, Richard18511918Full record
Vreede, Pieter17501837Full record
Vreedenberg, Casper17721840Full record
Vries de, Cornelis Claesz16581664Full record
Vries, Elias de17451760Full record
Vries, Klaas Klaases de17861786Full record
Vries, Pieter de17631763Full record
Vries, S. de16281708Full record
Vrijhoff, Hubert Gregorius van17041754Full record
Vryer, Jacobus deFull record
Vulpius, Christian August17621827Full record
W. v. R.18691869Full record
Wachtendorp, Nicolaas16451708Full record
Wael, Job van der16191619Full record
Wagner, Heinrich Leopold17471779Full record
Wagner, Otto Samuel17471815Full record
Wailly-Devillers, deFull record
Walré, Jan van17591837Full record
Waltes, Marcus1630Full record
Wandelaar, Jan16921759Full record
Warnaar, Barend17061715Full record
Wart, Dirk Anthony van de17671824Full record
Waterloos, Herman FrederikFull record
Webber, E.1717Full record
Weber, Carl Maria von17861826Full record
Wedemeijer, J.F.Full record
Weetal, Jan17481748Full record
Weisse, C.F.17261804Full record
Well, Jan van17731818Full record
Wellekens, Jan Baptista16581726Full record
Wels, DanielFull record
Westerbaen, JacobFull record
Westerhoff, Arnold Heinrich16771738Full record
Westerman, Marten17751852Full record
Westerwijk, Gerard (Vertaler)17161761Full record
Wetstein, Carel Antoni de17421797Full record
Wetstein, George16881726Full record
Wevelinckhoven, Joachim van1619Full record
Weyerman, Jacob Campo16771747Full record
Wezel, Johann Karl17471819Full record
Wijs, Hermannus deFull record
Wijse, Joris de16211665Full record
Wilde, Maria de16821729Full record
Willems de jonge, Melchior1627Full record
Willemsz, Dirck16621664Full record
Willemsz, Jacob16391654Full record
Willemsz, Michiel17061718Full record
Wils, CornelisFull record
Winde, Martinus van1649Full record
Winter Tromp, Feys Jacobus1761Full record
Winter-van Merken, Lucretia Wilhelmina van17211789Full record
Winter, Nicolaas Simon van17181795Full record
Wiselius, Samuel Iperuszoon17691845Full record
Wissingh, JanFull record
Wit (de jonge), Abraham deFull record
With, Katharina Johanna de1727Full record
Witsen Geysbeek, Pieter Gerardus17741833Full record
Witt, Johan deFull record
Witte, Jacob Eduard de17631853Full record
Wittenoom, CornelisFull record
Wolf de, Pieter16441646Full record
Wolf, H. deFull record
Wolff, Betje17381804Full record
Wolff, Pius Alexander17821828Full record
Wollheim da Fonseca, Anton Eduard18101880Full record
Wouthers, Anthoon Frans16411676Full record
Wranitzky, Paul17561808Full record
Wycherley, William16401716Full record
Wynbeek, Abraham17021798Full record
Ximénez de Enciso, Diego15851632Full record
Young, Edward16831765Full record
Zande, Hendrik van der17131717Full record
Zasius, Lucas16231623Full record
Zeeman, Nicolaas17151715Full record
Zeerijp, Pieter vanFull record
Zeeus, Jacob16861718Full record
Zevecote, Jacob van15961642Full record
Ziani, Pietro Andrea16161684Full record
Ziegler, Friedrich Wilhelm17501827Full record
Ziena, Salomon16451646Full record
Zonhoven, Reynier Olivier vanFull record
Zschokke, Johann Heinrich Daniel17711848Full record
Zubli, Ambrosius Justus17511820Full record
Zwaerdecroon, Henricus1594Full record
Zweerts, Bruno17411804Full record
Zweerts, Philip17041774Full record
Zwol, Jan vanFull record